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Redesigning University Health Services


UX Researcher and Designer


Neha Dhawan and Rugved Arte


4 months


Project planning, User Interviews, Comparative Analysis, Literature Review, Surveys, Online Reviews, Affinity Mapping, Usability Testing, Empathy mapping

Sketching, QOC, Storyboarding, Prototyping, User testing


Sketch, Invision, Bootstrap


When students are away from home and there’s no one to take care of them, figuring out everything on their own could be a tedious task. Our project aims to simplify the process of getting healthcare for students at the University of Michigan.

Problem Statement

Students at the University of Michigan find it difficult to access healthcare. Some students are not even aware of the facilities available to them.

Target Audience

All enrolled students at the University of Michigan

Research Phase 1 | Exploratory Research


  • Learn how do students get healthcare at UM and what are the problems that they face?
  • Understand stakeholder needs and business requirements.
Research Phase 1

We conducted 10 inteviews and analyzed through affinity mapping which included the users and the stakeholders to uncover the above findings.

Research Phase 1
Research Phase 1

Aiming for greater impact and efficiency!

From the key findings, we chose to solve the booking problem as it yeilded maximum immediate impact. The other problems included pathways which would not fit in the given timeline and the solutions would rewuire major policy changes.

Research Phase 2 | Problem validation

Research Phase 2

We validated if the problem of scheduling actually existed by using the following research methods before designing the solution.


  • 38% respondents thought that they needed an insurance plan to get care at UHS.
  • 62% respondents said that they currently call to book appointments.
  • 80% respondents said that they wouldn't call if appointments could be booked online.

Literature Review

  • Younger tech savvy participants are inclined to use website portals to view health reports and schedule appointments.
  • Busy phone lines discourage people to call to schedule appointments.
  • Online scheduling reduces the number of no-shows and real-time booking creates a more transparent system.

Stakeholder interviews

Stakeholder quotes
Stakeholder quotes
Stakeholder quotes

Online Reviews

We read reviews of UHS online on Yelp (23 reviews) and Google reviews (47 reviews). The average rating of UHS on Yelp was 2.3 and on Google 2.8 on a 5 point scale. Many users mentioned that scheduling appointments is a pain through calls and there should be a better solution in place.

Competitive analysis

We conducted a Competitive analysis to view the best scheduling solutions in the healthcare domain and how does University Health Services serve compared to them.

Competitive Analysis

Setting the direction..

Empathy Maps

Student empathy map
employee empathy map


Portal Storyboard
Video Storyboard

Design Solution

Competitive Analysis

A video to create awareness and an improved efficient version of the UHS portal.

Design Values

We felt that the problems we discovered in our research phase lead us to certain design values that would guide us to build a better system

  • Design for transparency
  • Provide user control
  • Easy navigation
  • Guidance to the user


We sketched out our initial design using the insights generated during the research phase. Then we tested our sketches with 5 users to get feedback.


Low fidelity prototypes

We created the low fidelity prototypes based on the recommendations from the sketches and user testing.


Design decisions..

Questions, Options, Criteria


High-fidelity solution


Usability Tests

To evaluate our interface of our UHS portal, we conducted 5 usability tests. The overall feedback for booking appointments was positive but our reminder feature for urgent appointments needs some improvement.


Things That Worked Well

  • Users intuitively logged in using their University of Michigan password.
  • Users liked that insurance information was optional.
  • All users liked the booking page and found it easy to interact with.
  • Users liked the option to have an urgent appointment in case they needed to book those.
  • Users also liked that they could see all the slots in one place.

Things to improve

Users were confused about the functionality of the reminders page as they were not familiar urgent appointment use case.

Implementation of the high fidelity solution

We developed the entire layout to create a prototype using bootstrap and php. The Twilio API was used to send confirmation text alerts.

Link to the implemented solution