Resume Portfolio


UX Researcher and Designer


Yingjin Qi, Kaiwen Sun, Chen Li, Rugved Arte, Uriel Lee


3 months


Project planning, User Interviews, Comparative Analysis, Heuristic evaluation, Usability Testing, Personas

Sketching, Paper prototyping, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping, User testing


Sketch, Invision


Urū Sports is an online global platform that connects athletes and teams. Athletes find teams that have unfilled playing positions. The website has 428 athletes and 52 teams from 28 different countries on MVP platform, without any money spend on advertisement.

Stakeholder Interviews

Goal: Understand client expectations and business goals, establish deliverables, create project plan, identify constraints and extract product information.

The Problem

To bring a more intuitive and easy process for athletes to find playing opportunities and promote themselves.

Target Audience

Field hockey players, coaches, recruiters and other officials related to the sport.


The design process followed a lean approach and went through 2 iterations.

Uru Sports Process Diagram

Heuristic Evaluation

Goal: Identify current problems in the UI and the flow of the website.

As the website was already live, we started by identifying major problem areas which would have the maximum impact on improving the user experience of the website.

Uru Sports inteaction map

Key Findings

We identified the search page, profile page and the search filters as the critical problem areas having multiple usability problems

Uru Sports inteaction map
Uru Sports inteaction map

Comparative Analysis

Goal: Identify key competitors in the current market scenario.

It was found that there was no direct competitor to the website. Thus we conducted a feature comparative analysis with websites having similar goals and design.

Uru Sports inteaction map

Linkedin was considered as a job portal competitor

Uru Sports inteaction map

Facebook was considered as a social media competitor majorly comparing the profile and feed features.


Goal: Get a rough draft ready for concept testing.

We sketched our ideas based on different features obtained from the comparative analysis. I was responsible for sketching the Search feature. My sketch was inspired by the effective use of filters on various websites with similar goals. These filters were organized and represented to minimize the number of clicks for a user using the search function.

Uru Sports inteaction map

Ideation for filter design

Concept Testing (Usability Testing + User Interviews + Paper Prototype Testing)

We conduted the usability test (on the existing website), user interviews and the paper prototype test in one session per interviewee. Major flaws within the website were revealed during this test. It also gave us key insights and motivations about why and what a user looks for in a portal like our client's.

Uru Sports inteaction map
Uru Sports inteaction map

Wireframes and style guide

We created version 2 of the paper prototype and conducted more tests to validate our design. This version of the paper prototype acted as the base for our wireframes. We built digital wireframes before moving on to build the final Hi-fi clickable prototype. A style guide was created to help the client to maintain consistency in future designs.

Uru Sports inteaction map
Uru Sports inteaction map
Uru Sports inteaction map

Solution Overview

Our solution was designed to solve the major problems of search and profile which were found during the research phase.

Profile Solution
Search Solution

Digital Prototype

We built a clickable prototype based on the findings from the wireframes andconducted usability tests on it to validate our design decisions. The final search and profile pages were provided to the client as the final deliverable.

Search Page - Final Prototype

Profile Page - Final Prototype

What would I do better if I had a chance to redo it?

I would interview more people from the target audience and field hockey players who have found opportunities to play abroad.